Ball mill 160 litres

An innovative ball mill for manufacture of chocolate and other food products, such as:

The ball mill enables to manufacture any type of chocolate, cream, topping, chocolate-like mass, filling. It can manufacture pastes with any variety of flavours and colours with fragmentation of 50-20 microns.

The ball mill takes up only 1 SM of the production area, whereas its power enables to manufacture up to several tons of products within 24 hours of work. In practice the whole conching process takes place automatically without human involvement.

The entire ball mill was entirely made of stainless steel, intended for food production.

Good to know!

The ball mill processes any type of waffle waste – in the amount of 20% per lead, which does not influence the quality of the manufactured product. Properly adjusted bottom-board and bottom discharge of the mass make it possible to clean the appliance using water, and at the same time enable to easily change from a white to dark mass or from a chocolate to a coconut flavour. The appliance is equipped with a control panel and – with higher machine capacity – tanks for automatic emulgation feeding.

NOTICE! Product dedicated only to the Asian market!

Installed power
Supply voltage
1400 mm
1200 mm
1390 mm
2,55 kW
3 x 400 V
300 kg