Versatile bakery bowl tripplers on carriages. Intended for lifting and tilting of bowls with dough directly to the divider funnel. It is possible to develop the appliance by an additional, automated module discharging the dough from the bowl. Direction (right/left) and height – upon order.

The appliances are composed of a base, approaching component and a column, on the top of which a motor reducer driving a chain wheel is located. A bowl is lifted on a beam supported by a chain located inside a structural column. A rotating arm is mounted to the column that tilts the beam upon its lifting accordingly.

Tripplers are made of structural steel or optionally from stainless steel. The discharge module is composed of a body screwed to a beam of a horizontal trippler. A rotary set of strips is mounted to the body that discharge the dough from the walls of the bowl. When the bowl reaches proper height and the dough pours into divider funnel bowl drive is automatically activated with a system of discharging components. After specific period of the module comes back to its initial position and the bowl with carriage is lowered to the base level.

Standard technical data of this appliance is subject to change, according to the specific structural needs. Required power supply is 400V. All our appliances are manufactured in accordance with the applicable CE standards.

Load capacity [kg]
Lifting height [cm]
Total power [kW]
Lifting period [sec.]
Dimensions (lenght x width x height)
Weight [kg]
do 1900