Kneaders U100L

The entire machines are made of stainless, acid-resistant steel to handle very stiff, heavy, and hard dough (pierogis, salty sticks, gingerbread, pasta, pretzels, dumplings, pizza, matzo, pumpernickel, etc.). The dough is perfectly flexible, homogeneous, and correctly aerated.

Specially designed and proven shape of two flat mixing attachments set at the right angle to their axes moves the dough over the entire volume of the bowl, in all directions. The mixing attachments rotate in the opposite directions with a speed that guarantees thorough and swift preparation of very stiff dough. The mixing speeds prevent dough overheating, and electronic control and kneading timer make sure each batch of dough has the same parameters.

The kneaders’ advantages are silent and problem-free operation, double attachment bearings and seals, user-friendliness, and an articulated control panel with an electronic program selector. The tilted bowl makes it easy to access the dough with a practical tilt height of 0.8 m. The kneading cycle is automatic. Each machine is certified by the Polish National Institute of Hygiene, has a declaration of conformity, production approval certificate, and a quality certificate.