Automatic bread slicer has a conveyor belt with adjustable smooth conveying speed of a feeding belt. It is equipped with bread guides with adjustable width and height (depending on the bread size and shape). A packing device is equipped with a blow machine for foil bags with adjustable blow intensity.

Upon Customer’s request the slicer may be equipped with a system lubricating blades with oil. The appliance was designed and manufactured in accordance with the applicable CE standards.

Motor power
Efficiency (bread 0,6 kg)
Efficiency (bread 1,0 kg)
Max. bread length (slice thickness 11 mm)
Max. bread length (slice thickness 13 mm)
Slice thickness
Number of knives
Dimensions (width x height x length)
380 V
1,1 KW
950 pcs./h
730 pcs./h
470 mm
485 mm
11 or 13 mm
40 or 36
631/1075 x 1255/1430 x 910/1745
264 kg