Semi-automatic slicer ROCH is intended for cutting loaves of bread into slices of 11 or 13 mm depending on Customer’s needs. Its structure allows for slicing loaves of bread with maximum dimensions: L 47, W 23 and H 14 cm. Loading and collection of the sliced bread takes place manually, by loading each time one loaf of bread. In the course of one-man operation machine performance may be approximately determined to 350 loaves of bread per hour, depending type and size of bread, as well as degree of browning and cooling, whereas increases significantly in the course of two-man operation.

The slicer is equipped with frames with mounted, replaceable knifes made of steel with high hardness. The knives may be turned, which enables to double their use period, as well as resharpened. The appliance is mainly intended for use at bakeries, shops and other catering locations, wherever many-hour continuous operation is not required.

Motor power
Efficiency (bread 0,6 kg)
Efficiency (bread 1,0 kg)
Max. bread length (slice thickness 11 mm)
Max. bread length (slice thickness 13 mm)
Slice thickness
Number of knives
Dimensions (width x height x length)
230 V
0,75 KW
360 pcs./h
320 pcs./h
470 mm
470 mm
11 or 13 mm
40 or 36
730x700x1250 mm
175 kg