Modular belt conveyor

The modular belt conveyor is a machine dedicated to modern industrial plants, in particular in the food industry. It features a fully hygienic design that is based upon acid-resistant steel grade 316. In this way, it fulfils all of the strict requirements imposed upon this sector of industry.

The authorship FleX & Clean concept was used in this modular belt conveyor. This technology eliminates the need to use any tools to routinely deactivate the machine (e.g. for cleaning / washing purposes), and minimises the possibility of water and bacteria build-up. All this translates into substantial improvements in sanitization processes at the manufacturing plant.

Modular belt conveyor – quality features:

  • Hygienic design, well-suited to washing and disinfection purposes.
  • Special design that eliminates the possibility of water build-up and unwanted microflora growth.
  • Its design is compliant with work health and safety requirements, thus guaranteeing no impact upon safety of the plant’s production workers.
  • Specially elaborated colour arrangement in order to more effectively minimise the threat of occurrence of any foreign bodies in the products.
  • Functional touch interface offering the possibility to smoothly adjust the belt’s speed.
  • The FleX & Clean technology is well-suited to foaming and high-pressure cleaning purposes.

Importantly, modular belt conveyors make it possible to improve manufacturing processes in line with the Lean Manufacturing philosophy. Since the machinery is simple and intuitive in operation, production workers can operate it entirely on their own, with no participation of the Maintenance Department specialists.

The modular design makes it possible to order the conveyor in various sizes depending on local manufacturing requirements, and to equip it with some additional technological solutions, such as:

  • Separators,
  • Control systems,
  • Side guides (fixed or adjustable),
  • Conveyor belts (made of textile or plastic materials; in modular, solid, or openwork design).

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