Modernisation of the existing machinery and manufacturing lines

We perform modernisations of the existing structures in machine parks.

We offer:

Technical documentation

We prepare technical documentation of machine parts and equipment, providing smooth production and constant maintenance. In the course of designing we use professional CAD software (Autodesk Inventor).

We offer:

Manufacturing of spare parts

We manufacture the parts in a precise manner and we execute orders in the scope of machining metals and plastics. Production is carried out with the use of reverse engineering tools –based on provided documentation or author’s designs.

We offer:

Industrial automation

We design and implement modern solutions in the scope of control systems, visualisation and manufacturing process management.

We offer:


We specialise in robotisation and programming of industrial robots.


We offer:


To our customers we offer MIG and TIG welding, the primary welding methods. Our specialists are proficient in both, choosing the right method depending on the circumstances, especially the material from which a given part was made. We have extensive experience and an excellently equipped machine shop, making for efficiency and precision in our work. It is worth adding that apart from MIG and TIG welding, we can also provide other processes requiring specialist qualifications and dependable equipment. This includes notably CNC milling services, which are part of our service portfolio, too. We also provide professional advice and share industry-specific expertise which may prove indispensable in your business sector.